Melissa Zarda | Web designer, graphic designer in Kansas City, Missouri. Pixel Lunch LLC.

Melissa Zarda

Owner, Designer, Jimbo's Boss

Melissa founded Pixel Lunch LLC in 2004 after graduating from UMKC, working as an in-house designer for a large corporation, and performing volunteer webmaster duties for various national and local nonprofit organizations.

In addition to graphic design and web design, Melissa also loves animals, spending time with friends and family, volleyball, kayaking, camping, spending time at her property in Northwest Arkansas, IKEA, board games, International Scouts, attempting to play upright bass, architecture and historic buildings, classic country and 1950’s rock music, waterslides, oceans, mountains, vegan recipes, stormy weather, road trips, chocolate stout, and looking like a dork while riding her 1977 NVT moped.