About Pixel Lunch LLC

Every project is carefully planned to meet milestones along the way and to meet your deadline.

Pixel Lunch is a unique design studio. Learn more about my philosophy.


I believe in quality over quantity, which is why I only take on a limited number of clients to work with at any given time.


I take pride in cultivating warm, comfortable and honest relationships with my clients and always welcome your feedback.


I have become a trusted resource for many clients who find themselves in need of web or tech advice or referrals.

A word from Rudy-Roo:

Hello, and welcome to Pixel Lunch LLC. As Director of Public Relations, I’d like to thank you for visiting our website. Pixel Lunch was officially established in 2004 and has prepared many yummy websites and print designs for public consumption ever since.

Our head chef, lead designer, CEO, and my mom, Melissa Zarda, graduated with a BA in studio art with an emphasis on graphic design, and a MA in sociology with an emphasis on urban affairs—both from the University of Missouri in Kansas City. A talented studio artist throughout childhood, the onset of the computer age allowed mom to combine her left and right brainpower to morph into a design supernerd.

Once she graduated (and adopted me), she immediately began working as a web and print designer for a large company and volunteering her design services for several local and national non-profit organizations. After working for a few years as an in-house designer, she decided to put her skills to the test and started Pixel Lunch LLC.

Fast forward to today—after working with too many fantastic people to count, mom still loves her job and loves being able to contribute to the success of her clients.

Now that I gave you the scoop on everything, let me leave you with this: My mom really loves her work and really loves working with people. She has a passion for design and goes above and beyond client expectations. Please check out her work, and if you like what you see, contact her!

Rudy-roo, director of PR, Pixel Lunch LLC